designer bed VISUM

The draft vision of the designer bed VISUM is a "floating disc". Therefore the base is reset 30cm and so almost invisible.

Into the "floating disc" the slatted frame and mattress package will be inserted. This package can measure up to 30cm in diameter and rounds up concisely with the frame. As you like it the matress can also protrude the disc. In this case you can also use mattresses that measure up to 60 cm in diameter.

Designer bed VISUM

(LxWxH) approx 220cm x 260cm x 30cm (for 160cm x 200cm mattress)
(LxWxH) approx 240cm x 260cm x 30cm (for 180cm x 200cm mattress)
(LxWxH) approx 260cm x 260cm x 30cm (for 200cm x 200cm mattress)
Your individual desired measures on request.

Designer bed VISUM

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