Designtisch COMMENTOR

The designer table COMMENTOR offers in its tabletop an extendable working surface. Under the work surface a storage space, cable channel, and sockets (COMMENTOR can be equipped with network and multimedia interfaces) are hidden. The 2 cm thin line on the front contrasts with the massive back side of the table. Due to the strong back COMMENTOR is perfect for executive suites.

Design table COMMENTOR

(LxWxH) approx 150cm x 75cm x 75cm
(LxWxH) approx 200cm x 75cm x 75cm
(LxWxH) approx 200cm x 100cm x 75cm
Your individual desired measures on request.


Designer table COMMENTOR with extendable table


Designer table COMMENTOR


open table, table design COMMENTOR/ COMMENTOR from behind

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