"Developing talent" at FH Dortmund

Under the slogan "promote young talent" at university of applied sciences in Dortmund Felix Schwake and Sebastian Queisser show budding architects and designers the basics of the world of the 3D visualizations. The first of total of 8 lectures started with great interest on Jun 06 2012.

The event shares itself in 6 areas:

1. Basics of 3D modeling with Cinema 4D

2. Free modeling. Manufacture of freeform

3. lighting

4. texturing

5. photorealistic rendering

6. Depression and help in the implementation of student project work.

Also this year we have again looked after many diplomas and could help students and graduate students just before the exam period with concrete tips to implement them projects.

Felix Schwake in the course "learn visualize"

FH Dortmund

Sebastian Quesser (right) and Felix Schwake (left) at the welcome of course "learn visualize"

FH Dortmund

Introduced was the Visualisierenurs with the basics of the software "Cinema 4D"

FH Dortmund

Throughout the events the steps required to learn the techniques were thrown on to the wall (Photo: Sebastian Queisser)

FH Dortmund

The IT lab of university FH Dortmund provides 18 computer at which the students directly tries presented techniques.

FH Dortmund

For Felix Schwake it is important to make clear that the computer can not replace a rough sketch at the beginning of an idea.

FH Dortmund

It can always be questioned. Sebastian Queisser shows the students directly project solutions.

FH Dortmund

In between, of course there are breaks.

FH Dortmund

Felix Schwake and Sebastian Queisser of RECHTECK helt the course "learn visualize" at university FH Dortmund

Photos: Henriette Drüke