"Architecture has to be the backdrop of living."
Felix Schwake

The present time offers us in our private live as well as corporate life possibilities, of which a few years ago we did not even dared to dream of. The rapid technological progress has a big influence on our physical environment. Nowaday rooms have wires, furniture has to be equipped with technical devices. And these again have to be supplied with electricity of course. So it is not surprising that former work and open spaces have become mere spaces to set aside computers, multimedia and the accompanying spaghetti syndrome. Spatial asthetics is seemingly forgotten while we are upgrading ourselves with technical devices. RECHTECK tackles exactly the combination of functionality and asthetics. Multimedial needs of everyday life are integrated highly functional into clearly drawn shapes. By a clever technique of absorbing the technical gadgets into the shape of the furniture, the furniture gets a chance to be a formal and valuable backdrop. It turns into a background for the really essential things in life. This is the leitmotif of the designer Felix Schwake, who works very puristically and cautiously with design and material.