The shelf RESERVARE is designed in a way that it can be placed in a room independently. Therefore the back cushions are equally highly manufactured as the from ones. So you can plac e RESERVARE also directly in front of a window.

For the heavy library at home you can choose stable square compartments and for the bigger items extra large rectangular compartments.

As all our furniture RESERVARE is also available in individually crafted measurements. So for your personal room size we can develop customized solutions.

Designer shelf RESERVARE The designer shelf RESERVARE is available with individual panel sizes.
Designer cabinet ADIUTOR The designer closet ADIUTOR will be crafted according to your prefered measurements. So it fits perfectly into your room. The closet divisions can be chosen freely.
Designer sideboard AUXILIUM The designer sideboard AUXILIUM is available in exact measures fitting perfectly into your space needs.
TV board
Designer cupboard REPOSITIO The designer board REPOSITIO can accomodate multimedia devices such as DVD player, playstation or receiver.
Designer box LECTULUS The designer box LECTULUS can be combined to rack systems. If stacked it becomes a podium. Or it can be fixed to the wall.
bedside table
Designer bedside table ARCULARIUS The designer bedside table ARCULARIUS consists of two U-shaped geometries that are put on each other.