Like playing with small building blocks you can expand or give the OPERARIUS different shapes. 75cm x 75cm x 75m table modules can be put into another.

The tabel top of the designer table OPERARIUS is available with multimedia drawers. Among the tops that you can pull out, other connections such as  cable channel and power-network and video connections (on request, all other required interfaces) and an extra storage space are hidden.

On the seat side of the table you will not see any wires hanging out. It is covered into a cable channel pushed into the shadow fuge that makes it almost invisible.

Designer desk SUMMARUM The multimedia table SUMMARUM gives the daily chaotic piles of cabels and other multimedia devices a tidyness in a puristic table design.
Designer desk COMMENTOR The designer desk COMMENTOR creates contrasts with a massive table and a slim edge. In its table top there is an extension for multimedia devices.
Designer desk UNIVERSI UNIVERSI is a designer kitchen table that offers plenty of space in its table legs. From glasses to cutlery or plates, the designer table UNIVERSI has lots of storage spaces.
Designer desk OPERARIUS OPERARIUS is a designer table that can be enlarged with the help of large cubes up to any size from 75cm onwards. So it is able to change its shape. Its table top is available with an extension for multimedia devices.
Designer table FABER Designer table FABER measures 5cm in diameter.
Designer desk - REGERE The design table REGERE presents a massive cuboid from its front side.
Designer desk UNA The multimedia table UNA has power and network connections in its edges.